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What Everyone Must Know About Hidden Surveillance Camera

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If you want to know if you can install a hidden mini security camera in your own home, or if you need purchase advice to select such camouflaged IP camera, or if you worry about being photographed by a mini security camera, this blog article will certainly solve all your problems.


  • Is hidden camera allowed?
  • Buying advice Which hidden surveillance camera to choose?
  • Top 5 Tips To Find Hidden Surveillance Camera

Is hidden security Camera allowed?

The answer is yes. It depends on which areas you will keep an eye on with a hidden surveillance camera.

It is permitted to monitor one's own house and property with a hidden surveillance camera. You can install the camouflaged mini IP camera as a precaution to prevent perpetrators from burglary, theft or vandalism.

You can also use the hidden surveillance camera to collect evidence if you have already been affected by property damage and think the perpetrator is returning.

In this case, it is best to set up a sign saying "This area is under video surveillance" to inform others (e.g. the visitor) that there is a hidden surveillance camera.

However, it is illegal to use a hidden surveillance camera to monitor a neighbor's property or common access routes or shared driveways. Such recording using a camouflaged mini-surveillance camera would interfere with the neighbor's general right to privacy.

Shopping-advice: What kind of hidden surveillance camera to choose

There are many hidden surveillance cameras on the market: spy IP camera, pinhole camera, ballpoint pen camera, smoke detector camera, etc. They are usually used for special situations, such as secret interviews with journalists or undercover police investigations. However, these inconspicuous mini security cameras are not suitable for all needs.

If you want to secretly observe who destroyed your garden or scratched your car with a hidden surveillance camera, if you want to keep evidence of theft and burglary, if you want to know if the babysitter is taking good care of your child, you need different mini cameras for hidden surveillance depending on your requirements.

It's not easy to buy a matching and reliable hidden IP camera. But don't worry. It can also not be very difficult as long as you consider the following factors when making your selection.

1. Battery-powered mini WLAN camera with camouflage cover

If you want to spy on someone, for example, a thief or a burglar, you should first hide your hidden surveillance cameras. A wireless surveillance camera with a camouflage case can be easily adjusted.

You no longer have to worry about hiding your cameras in the garden. Simply place the hidden surveillance camera with a camouflage cover - for example, the Reolink Argus 2 - in the right place and it will blend in like a chameleon.

Reolink Argus 2

Reolink Argus 2 - Outdoor Wireless Home Security Camera, Solar-Powered Rechargeable Battery, 1080p Full HD, Wire-Free 2-Way Audio, Starlight Night Vision with PIR Motion Sensor and Built-in SD Socket

You can place such a camouflage surveillance camera anywhere - in the bird's nest, on the tree or other places where the hidden surveillance camera is easy to hide. There is also a camera with a black or white protective cover that can be placed on a shelf in the children's room.

2. Hidden surveillance camera with PIR motion detector and recording

A hidden surveillance camera with PIR motion detector will quickly wake up for live viewing or motion detection. No human movement goes unnoticed.

As soon as motion is detected, you immediately receive App Push messages or e-mails and tone alarms (with built-in siren).

This small hidden IP camera with PIR motion detector usually has a recording function and can provide evidence: It can record videos recording the main features of the burglar or thief, such as appearance, clothing, etc. Such clues can be very helpful to the police in their investigations.

Some advanced hidden surveillance cameras with PIR motion detectors and recording - such as Reolink Argus 2 - have speakers and microphones and offer 2-way audio. So you can talk directly to the person in action and stop the violence or another behaviour in time. In this case, the perpetrator is deterred and runs away quickly.

3. 1080p-Full-HD hidden surveillance camera with remote monitoring

Many people use such small hidden IP cameras to remotely control the situation in the house or garden when they are on holiday or away from home for some time.

Mini spy IP camera with WIFI live transmission is a must if you want to see on your smartphone what is going on inside or outside the house whenever you want.

For a perfect viewing experience you also need a camouflaged WLAN camera with high resolution - 1080p should be ideal.

The 1080p resolution allows you to identify faces on the screen, which is enough to use the images as evidence when needed.

4. Other characteristics to observe with hidden surveillance cameras

There are several other features of the hidden surveillance camera that meet your specific needs.

For example, a mini camera for hidden surveillance with night vision. Vandalism, burglary or theft usually occurs at night. And the garage, parking lot, house or garden is always the perpetrator's popular target at night.

That's why the hidden mini video camera should also work perfectly at night, detecting movements accurately and recording videos clearly.

Pay attention to the storage possibility of the hidden surveillance camera. Some camouflaged wireless mini cameras have SD cards and some do not.

If the videos and images are recorded on an SD card, you should check the materials regularly because the old recordings may be overwritten.

There are also hidden mini security cameras that can store video recordings in the cloud. The cloud has more storage space and longer storage time. Don't worry about losing all your video footage.

If you expect continuous hidden video surveillance with a recording from the camera, you should choose surveillance systems that consist of surveillance cameras and NVRs because the systems provide reliable 24/7 video surveillance.

Top 5 Tips To Find Hidden Surveillance Camera

Are you afraid someone will be watching or secretly filming you? You're probably wondering how to find these hidden mini-cameras so you can protect yourself and your privacy. Here we show you how it works.

  • Hidden mini security cameras can be anywhere. You need to pay attention to the common installation locations of these cameras: on the ceiling, on the bookshelf, in the lamp, sockets, stereo, clock, air conditioner, in the smoke detector, sprinkler, mirror, etc.
  • Hidden IP cameras with night vision always have infrared light and the telephone camera can detect these infrared lights. First, turn off the lights in the room and turn on the phone's camera, then look for small red LED lights from the hidden surveillance camera. Pay particular attention to cracks or small holes in the walls that can cover a camera.
  • Make a call and wave your cell phone at a suspicious object. The phone makes clicking and humming noises next to a product that emits electromagnetic radiation. This allows you to find the location of the hidden surveillance camera.
  • Download apps that detect the hidden security camera from the App Store or Google Play.
  • Buy professional hidden camera detectors.


By reading you already have a more comprehensive understanding of hidden surveillance camera.

If you have any further questions about hidden security cameras, please leave a comment and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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