What Essential Skills Needed to Be a Good Photographer

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The essential skills of a photographer

Here is the list of skills that are essential to the practice of photography, and that you must work on as a priority if you want to progress.

This list is concise.

It is not out of laziness, but to focus on the essential.

Master in his camera

The first thing a photographer needs to master in his camera.

Your bedside book should be the manual for your camera.

If you want your photos to be successful, you must be able to handle your camera with your eyes closed, and as quickly as possible.

This will allow you to make your adjustments faster and avoid missing opportunities for shots that are only available to you for a few seconds.

You will also be able to change your settings when conditions are not comfortable: night, rain, crowded environment, etc.

In addition to settings and functions of your camera, you should also know the limits of your camera, its weak points, to avoid missing some shots.

Know for example from what sensitivity the pictures have too much grain to be exploited, under what conditions the autofocus of your camera will have trouble, etc.

Finally, you must also know and master your objectives and other accessories that revolve around your box.

Equipment is essential in photography. But more than just having the latest fashionable toy, what is important is to have equipment that suits your practice, and that you know by heart!

skills needed to be a photographer

Focus on his vision

The photographer’s vision is the second essential skill that you must work and master.

When you take a picture, you must have in mind what you want to express.

Convey the message you want to.

All your work will then focus on this vision:

The composition of your photo, the placement of your subject, the light, your settings, the expression of your subject, the time of the shooting, post-production, the printing or publishing medium, etc.

The technical part of photography is only a tool that you can use to express your vision.

Learn to read the light

Light is an essential component of good photography.

You have to learn to read the light.

The quality of the light, its intensity, direction, color, are all characteristics that can change your photo completely.

Light can completely change the atmosphere of your photo.

Light can be used to accentuate or hide specific details of your composition.

Don’t wait to be behind your device to practice. You can learn to read the light anywhere, anytime.

Other skills of photographers

Depending on your area of interest (fashion, street, sport, nature, etc.), or your type of practice, other skills may be beneficial to you. You can add them to the list I have just presented to you.

There is no better way to learn than by doing.

Develop Photography Skills

But keep in mind that you need to have the shortest possible list of priority skills.

how to be a photographer

Do not add more than one or two items to your list.

And keep working on these elements even if you feel like you already have them under control.

What do you think about 5 essential things a photographer should master?

  • Mastering the light
  • Handbook of his camera
  • Torque Mastery Speed-Opening-Sensitivity
  • Field depth
  • The Rule of Thirds
  • The movement
  • Manual mode
  • Personality
  • Technical skills
  • Regularity in the success of his photos
  • Entrepreneurial skills
  • vision
  • Knowing how to “read” people
  • Psychology
  • Human relations
  • An excellent relationship
  • Having empathy
  • Don’t judge
  • Concentration
  • Various areas of photographic skill
  • Know how to sort and select your photos
  • Know how to retouch your photos
  • vision
  • Learning to recognize opportunities in their environment
  • The knowledge of light
  • Know how to use light in its composition
  • Know the basics of composition
  • Knowledge of his case
  • Mastering your framing
  • Know how to read the light
  • Understanding the subject
  • Don’t have too much ego
  • Be patient
  • Vision: The ability to see a scene
  • Composition: The ability to frame his photo to highlight his vision
  • The ability to choose a location for photoshoots
  • Knowledge of his material, how to transcribe his vision
  • Mastering Post-Production to complete your vision
  • Know your case
  • Know how to read the light
  • Know how to speak/lead a model
  • Know how to retouch your photos
  • Know how to expose a photo
  • Mastery of manual mode
  • Flash mastery
  • Well expose his photos whatever the light conditions.
  • Developing digital images
  • Know your goals to master their effects on the rendering of photos
  • Having compositional skills
  • Paying attention to your ego
  • Having good human contact
  • Mastering your framing
  • Know how to read the light


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