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11 Ideas for Practicing Photography at Home

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Practicing Photography at Home

They say that routine is the worst enemy of inspiration. Have you ever wondered why when you go on a trip to an unknown place suddenly you can’t stop taking pictures all the time and everything? Why do you suddenly feel so inspired? Very easy, because it’s new, because everything surprises your photographic eye because your senses are attentive and activated. What’s more, get closer to the most touristic area of your city and you will see many tourists handheld camera photographing as crazy corners, objects, and people, that you find so uninspiring that you will even wonder what they see. Very simple, the same thing you see when you make the tourist, pure inspiration in the form of novelty.

Now, there are a few scenarios that teach us as much as those around us. Precisely because the everyday forces us to strive, to see beyond, to squeeze our brain in search of inspiration, in short, because every obstacle can become a great opportunity. So, even if it’s hard to see, everything we have around us not only gives us infinite opportunities to practice but is also the best ally to train ourselves as photographers.

If you still think it’s not worth dusting off the camera at home, I hope at the end of this article you’ll be convinced on practicing photography at home otherwise 😉 I’ll leave you a few ideas to do it.

1. Gastronomic photography

You’ve never thought of photographing your dishes before? There are people who make real magic with them, why not be you one of them? Gastronomic photography allows you to play with composition, color, depth of field, styling, and light. You can simply photograph the dish or create a story with the ingredients it has been made with. You have, a lot of inspiration online, I would not miss this opportunity 😉

2. Portraits

I bet that at home you have some victim more or less willing to offer to participate more or less willingly in your photographic journeys. Then you have a great, great opportunity. At home, you have more than enough to create great portraits. Do you have a window? A curtain? A lamp? Well, you’ve already set up the professional photographic studio 🙂 You can practice with hard and diffuse light, with reflections, with the composition, with the same window frame, with the angle and even why not, with backlights. And all this without leaving home.

But remember to set the white balance appropriately for each of the lighting situations you’re faced with. Above all, be careful if you mix natural and artificial light.

3. High and low key

The two ends of portrait lighting are also easy to achieve without leaving home. Simply by setting yourself against a light or dark background, in a very or very dimly lit room and taking a look at this article where it explains it in detail, you will get stunning portraits.

4. Macro photography

If you like the world of the impossible giants, you have patience and you like to calmly prepare the scene, you are going to love macro photography. But you don’t have to jump into the field to get beautiful macro images. A screw, a pencil, a tomato or a computer keyboard can be good protagonists of your scenes. But remember that a tripod will be essential, as well as a macro lens, investment rings or extension tubes, depending on your budget and the fan you can do to it 😉

5. Smoke

Nothing like shutting yourself in four walls to see the potential of the same 😉 Do you have candles? A match? Incense? Well, you already have much of what you need to obtain an image similar to the following one.
But for the rest of you, you’d better have a look at this article before you start thinking it’s some kind of dark magic 🙂

6. Bokeh

If you want to see one of the many benefits of the diaphragm opening, here you can see it with great results. The bokeh is nothing more than the effect of blurring the lights thanks to a wide diaphragm opening (shallow depth of field). It works very well on portraits of people as well as everyday objects and mastering it will be a pearl to you if you need to make your own Christmas card in a couple of months 😉

7. Flowers and plants

If you are one of those who dies to cactus and you have your house empty of photographing flowersplant elements, you can skip this point. Wait, you are not going to get rid of 😉 . You can buy a bouquet of flowers in good condition and mount a great photo shoot of flowers. In fact, most probably buy extra-beautiful flowers for these occasions, so there’s no excuse. Flowers and plants are a motif that is already nice, so you have half a photo taken.

Control the light, the framing, the background and the texture of the petals, try spraying them with water to imitate the dew, or different backgrounds (can be colored cards) to highlight the color. You can zoom in a lot, put them in a vase, or make them part of a larger image, you can photograph their decay or fullness. You have millions of possibilities, give free rein to your imagination.

8. Still life

In Rembrandt’s purest style, why not create your own photographic still lifes as if it were a pictorial work of art? You will be able to practice the different angles of light, the textures, the composition, the stylism of the image, the depth of field, and so on. You will also have time to think and consciously solve the problems that arise, and there is no better practice than that 🙂

9. Product Photography

Product photography is another branch of photography that you can be practicing photography at home without spending almost a penny 😉 With a light box, which you can even make yourself, you can get great product photographs at the height of a professional (or almost). At least it’s logistically and economically viable, and hey, you never know where all this “extra” knowledge might take you.

10. Water droplets

Or high-speed photography, or freezing a drop in the frame. Do you think it’s complicated? Luckily Mario explains it step by step in this article: How to photograph a drop of water.

11. Document the Everyday

I know that it is one of the most difficult things to photograph. It’s hard to think that anyone could be interested in something that you think is so nondescript. But the truth is that it’s right under our noses where the best stories are usually hidden and where we can best practice and express ourselves. Open your eyes wide to what is happening around you; you have magical moments everywhere that deserve to be frozen in time, don’t doubt it. Your son cooks, your dog looking out the window, your grandmother taking a nap on the sofa, life around you is a big stage and you have the opportunity to portray it.


Any place and time is a great opportunity to practice and learn. We don’t need to go to the other end of the world to do this, the best images can be in front of our goal without even leaving home.

Would you like to try one of the points? Would you like to help others not to miss any photographic opportunity? In that case, share it with whoever you think might be interested. Thank you very much and see you next time at 🙂

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