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Making Money with Photography: 5 Cost-Effective Ways to Do It

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I’m sure you’ve had the first five words of this post in your head many times. How can I make money with photography?

This is something that all lovers of this sector have asked ourselves at some point in our career, either at the beginning of it or after a while, when you have realized that you want your hobby to become your way of life.

Before you start with the article I would like to say that, as in all sectors, there is no secret that will make you money with photography today for tomorrow, but I do want to show you the most practical and simple ways to do it, without the need to be a reputable professional or have an experience of years.

Also keep in mind that if the type of photography you want to do is not on this list does not mean it is not profitable, far from it. Here I have prepared a list of the most profitable sectors, or in which you can earn money with photography faster than in others.

Is it possible to earn money with photography without being a professional?

The short answer is “Yes”, it is certainly possible to make money with photography and live off it. The long answer is “yes, but it depends on how you think about it”.

The main problem of people who try to make money with photography and don’t get it is due to an error in their approach, rather than a lack of quality of their product.

This is because there is a lot of offer in the sector, and to earn money with it, you must get visibility among others, or you will stay in no man’s land, where perhaps you will earn some money, but not enough to be your way of life.

Obviously, the more money you can earn in a sector, the more competitive it is going to be, but this does not mean that it is impossible, it will be enough to have a good strategy and some patience.

In this post, I’m going to explain everything I’ve learned from each sector to earn money over my more than 10 years taking photos, with tips and details of what I’ve been right and what I’ve failed to achieve success.

1. Sale of stock photos

For those who do not know this system, the photographic stock consists of using the platforms dedicated to it to make your photos available to others so that they can buy them for a very low price.

Put this way it may seem like a waste of time to try, and if it is not done properly, since you can earn very little money after a lot of work, and that is not what you are looking for here.

Selling stock photos is ideal if you don’t have potential customers to make money with every month. You can start earning money with this while, on the other hand, you start to expand your brand and get other jobs.


What do you need to earn money on stock photography?

When it comes to sales of very little money, the more photos you upload to your folder, the more chances you have to get it, so the first thing, if you do not already have it, is to get a good portfolio, between 100 and 200 quality photos to start earning a small extra.

In another article, I already gave you six tips to sell photos online, which I have followed until I earn an acceptable amount of money each month with these pages.

For whom is this sector?

Stock photography is ideal if you are a photographer who takes a lot of photos to landscapes, cities, product photos… This is perfect as you can go on a photographic excursion and come back with a lot of photos ready to sell.
Pros and cons

Pros: It’s a great way to make money with photography in automatic mode. Taking pictures with the aim of selling them is not only to earn money but to learn new techniques and effects.

Cons: To earn an acceptable amount you need between 15 and 20 sales a day, so if you don’t take the right photos or you don’t have a very large portfolio, it’s going to be very difficult to get a return.

2. Wedding photography

Who hasn’t heard about wedding photographers?

Wedding photography is the social event par excellence in photography and it can be said without a doubt that it is the most profitable sector of all you can explore.

I can say from my own experience that in a single day of wedding work I have gained more than with the other four methods I explain to you here together in a month. It’s a difficult sector to access but if you can get your head in it, it can be a real mine for you.

Earning money with wedding photography is not easy, there is a great offer, you will find people who offer their services for very low prices and that is something that is difficult to fight if you want to take photos in a fair way. If you are starting in the sector I advise you to first look for reliable people until you have a small name and then make the leap to unknown customers.

wedding photography

Wedding Photo Shoot in Park

What do you need to make money with wedding photography?

The first thing you’re going to need for the client is a good portfolio. Think that nobody is going to entrust the memories of one of the most important days of his life to a photographer who cannot show him an example of his work.

For this, you have several options, which will allow you to get a small sample of your skills as a wedding photographer and thus have more chances of success in your attempt to get jobs.

  • Offer yourself to professional photographers as a second camera at events to get practice and see how you work from the inside. You’ll also get your own teaching material.
  • Find a friend who is getting married and ask them if they care if you cover the event as a secondary photographer to accompany the main photographer in his or her work (unless they trust you and allow you to do the report yourself).
  • Ask someone you trust to wear a wedding dress and prepare a pre-wedding or post-wedding session.

For whom is this sector?

Wedding photography requires mobility, communication, and endurance (in addition to many memory cards). Don’t get involved if you don’t feel comfortable giving orders or directing people, because this is going to be your job practically 100% of the time.

In addition, you will have to deal with many people you don’t know and many times you’ll find yourself in places where you won’t be all right, so if you’re a quiet photographer, you’d better find something else.

Pros and cons

Pros: It is undoubtedly the most profitable sector in photography. With a good portfolio, you will have the possibility of working with event organization agencies, so you will never lack work.

Cons: There is fierce competition so you may be tempted to compete at very low prices to get more customers, but this will only bring you closer to people looking for a cheap product rather than a quality one. Doing this will devalue your image and make you look like a low-quality photographer.

3. Photography of babies

For a photographer, babies are tender, adorable, funny, and even if it’s ugly to say it, very profitable. The birth of a baby is a unique event in the life of their parents, and they will want to have memories of every special moment of their child’s life.

That’s when you enter the scene, baby photographer who will make these little ones look more adorable and friendly than ever, and if you get to the heart with your scenes, parents will pay whatever you ask them to have those photos in all the frames and pictures of their homes.

The good thing about this type of photography is that there is a lot of demand, and not only when they are newborns, but they will also want memories of when they start to be aware of themselves when they start to interact with others, their first steps… There is a whole world inside baby photography that you can explore and take advantage of to make money with it.

Charming baby is sleeping in a crib

What do you need to earn money by taking pictures of babies?

Well, material, material, and more material. I’ll explain. Baby photography is characterized by the elements that you use to surround your little model, starting with photographic backgrounds, cushions, blankets, toys, clothes…

In addition to all this, you will also need lighting material, because not every house you go to will have a good window through which natural light enters. The ideal light for baby photography needs to be soft and diffuse, so make sure you have a good diffuser.

For whom is this sector?

The first thing I would say is that this type of photography is for people with a special touch and a lot of patience. Dealing with a baby just a few days old is a very delicate task, it requires patience and calms to get the baby to adopt the pose you want.

Many times he will start crying and you will have to stop the session until he calms down and start again. This is not for everyone if you don’t see yourself able to deal with all of this, don’t try.

Pros and cons

Pros: Taking pictures of babies is a unique experience, it helps you to see everything in a different way and to have patience in the sessions. If you do a good session and the parents are happy with the result, they will tell their acquaintances and you will get more work easily.

Cons: Because babies are unpredictable, some sessions may not get the material you expected. You should make this clear to parents before you start because it’s something you can’t control.

4. Club Photography

This is a very specific type of photography that I want to explain to you for a simple reason; it is very easy to access.

If you go out at night and go to the fashion club in your city, you have surely seen that in the crowd is walking one or more people with a camera asking people to pose for him.

These are the photographers that the club has hired to take photos during the night and that later everyone will be able to search the web or the social networks of the place. It’s very important for them because they need people to see the atmosphere and how much they enjoy the party in their club, so they will always want to have graphic material.

It’s not a job that is very well paid, or that is going to elevate you as a photographer, but if you go night after night and cover each party well, you can earn a good extra.

Dance Club Photography

What do you need to make money with club photography?

The truth is that to access this sector and earn money with photography in discos and clubs do not need too much. A medium camera, a wide-angle lens for group photos and a flash.

You will not be asked for artistic photos or work with higher image quality, so with the equipment, you have right now you can be worth to enter this world.

For whom is this sector?

Club photography is ideal for people who enjoy the night and parties. You have to keep in mind that if you access this job, you will sleep little, you will move among many, many people and you will have to take pictures without stopping.

The good part is that you can access the best party clubs in your city completely free and also, at the end of the night you will take a little money.

Pros and cons

Pros: It’s a quick way to make money, even if it’s not very large amounts. You don’t need to invest a lot of money in the equipment to get to work and there’s a lot of demand for photographers, so you’ll always find a place.

Cons: It’s hard physical work. Maybe schedules are not compatible with studies or your life in general so it can be difficult to access.

5. Become a Google photographer

Yes, as you read, Google hires photographers to take photographs to improve its Google Maps section. They are called “trusted photographers”.

The job of these photographers is to make a report of the local of each client and then be shown on their Google My Business card as a virtual tour and for the Street View section.

The good thing about this work is that Google itself forms you and gives you everything you need (except the equipment, of course), so it is accessible to anyone, without having studied photography or having years of experience.

Photographer taking photos of seascape at sunset

What do you need to earn money in photography with Google?

The requirements to be part of Google’s trusted photographers are quite simple, you will need your own photography equipment of at least 14Mpx and a ratio of 2:1, a laptop with internet access, a commercial license and your own web photographer.

For whom is this sector?

You’re going to need good commercial skills since you’ll have to be the one selling the product to businesses. In addition, they ask for a minimum of 30 hours a week of dedication to this activity.

You must be clear that if you want to earn money with photography doing these services, you will have to stick completely to the parameters that Google tells you and do the work as they want, you’re going to be only who takes the photos, not who thinks them.

Pros and cons

Pros: It’s a good way to make money with photography and does not require prior training, as they will instruct you in everything you need. You will gain experience as a salesman and you will make a small portfolio of clients in case you need it in the future.

Cons: It’s not the best way to advance as a photographer, you won’t be able to get out of the rules that mark you and you will always take the same photos.

EXTRA: Make your environment profitable

I mark this point as extra because it varies a lot depending on your location. It is about doing a small market study of your area and takes advantage of the demand that may exist.

I’ll give you a brief example. I live in Valencia, Spain. Here during the month of March, the Fallas are celebrated and in each one of the more than 380 that exist, a Major Fallera is elected, which is the representative of each commission.

Well, these Major Falleras enjoy a year in which they are the authentic queens and that is something that very few can repeat, the reason why they need photographies of all their acts. That’s where you should take advantage to offer your services and make a profit.

If festivals are held on a daily basis, cover them as a photographer and then sell the photos you take to newspapers or attendees you have photographed. If you see that local businesses don’t have good images, offer to do a story for them.

Photo Review On Laptop Monitor For Professional Photographer

And you, are you making money with photography in a profitable way? Share your ideas below with everyone else to get a good list!

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