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How To Make Money as a Professional Photographer: 7 Ways

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How to make money from photography is one of the questions we get the most. To get out of enthusiastic photographer status for a professional photographer involves some important steps. The first and most important is how to start making money as a photographer.

Finding opportunities to photograph and get paid can be a very difficult task, especially considering the number of new photographers that emerge every day. Determining which branch you will act in is also very important and it will help you a lot to give a focus to your work. I’ve already told you here on the blog How To Be a Professional Photographer and How To Get Started.

There are several ways to make money from photography. I separated some ideas that will help you start making money as a photographer. Always keep in mind that you should charge a fair price, which pays for your work, to value the best you can offer.

How To Make Money From Photography

7 Ideas To Put Into Practice Already


Photographing for clients means working locally and using your contacts in your city and region to get known for your work. Some ideas of photo types you can do are photo section for couples and family, family events such as general birthdays, corporate events (companies), graduations, corporate photos (portraits, among other photos), fashion photos for model agencies and photos for an editorial.

MONTE YOUR PORTFOLIO: When you start, you will want your work to be seen by people and potential clients as soon as possible. That’s why you’ll start building your portfolio and using social media. After you have photographed some clients, it’s time to show your work. Post your best photos on your social media. The ones I use the most and that are very good: EyeEm, Flickr, Instagram, and Facebook Page.


When you begin to feel confident and have more experience in photographing people and some larger jobs, weddings are another great opportunity to earn money that should be considered. It’s hard work, it’s an absurd responsibility, but it’s worth it.

There are many people getting married today and everyone is looking for photographers to record this very important moment. It doesn’t matter if your city is small or big. The moment you start to be known for the beautiful work and photos you do, you will soon have many clients to photograph.

Wedding photographers can easily work anywhere and by far are the photographers who make the most money in photography. In my travels around the world, I have photographed some weddings and this has helped me very financially, even though I am not a wedding photographer.


Another very good option for those who are not yet ready or feel comfortable with wedding/graduation/ fashion photos is to be the second photographer. I photographed many weddings for several photographers as the second photographer and this helped me to have more experience and confidence in my photos.

Assistant or second photographer are contracted for different situations:

  • Fashion photographers need assistants to help with equipment and photo preparation.
  • Wedding photographers need a second or third photographer to capture unusual moments that they often can’t do alone and group photos.
  • Studio photographers need a second photographer to adjust the light and adjust the reflectors.

All these photographers need an assistant and you’ll learn a lot from them. I know it can be tempting to go through this step and go straight to do your own work, but believe me, this step is very important for your growth. Don’t think that you will be undeserved for being the second photographer or assistant. If you stand out, you will always have work to do.


If you have been photographing by yourself and have many independent works, such as projects and photos of your creation, you can sell your photos through the image banks. Sites like Getty Images, iStock, and EyeEm pay for your photos. When they are sold you get a percentage for the sale.

These platforms have many customers and sales are very good. You can send photos of your travels, projects, friends, and family and this can give you a very good financial return.


Building an audience is one of the most important things for a photographer’s career. Having followers who support your work and help you develop your work is very important. This will help open doors to new jobs, capture new clients and grow you as a professional photographer.

One way to build an audience is by creating a photography blog. In it, you will be able to publish information about your experiences and works, publish your latest works and post information regarding photography and your knowledge.

Once your audience starts to grow, you can start using it to make money in various ways. The main thing is to attract new customers who wanted you to photograph for them, that’s our main thing, as we told you in the How We Travel and Work on the Road post.

These clients will find you through their publications and portfolio. A few more ways for you to make money with your Blog is Advertising, Affiliate Program, Selling Printed Photos, Books, e-books. There are other ways, but these are the ones we use.


Another interesting way to start making money as a photographer is by offering your digital products as your Presets. You can sell your Lightroom Presets or Photoshop Actions, which is like stock photos but within your blog. Selling your presets can help a lot in increasing your income as a photographer. But don’t forget that first, you need to set your color pattern.

Selling digital products is a very good way to make money with photography after your products are ready and in your online store.


Many photographers sell their printed photos, albums and other physical products that use their photos. This is a great way to produce products with your photos in a creative and artistic way. Surely your audience will enjoy it.

You can promote your photos based on themes, such as Travel or Projects. You can even compile your work and create a book with your photos and stories telling how it was to realize it and giving information about your project.

An interesting site to use to create albums and print photos is Blurb. Blurb is very good for us because we are always traveling and no matter where you are, it sends it to you or your client.


As you have seen, even in a market with many competitors, there are many business opportunities. I hope this post has helped you to clarify your ideas on how to start making money as a photographer.

If you have any questions or need any clarification, write here in the comments. Your question can help other readers as well. 🙂

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